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Excess and Umbrella Coverage: Our coverage forms provide both Excess and Umbrella coverage. Our Excess coverage A adopts the coverage provisions of the underlying policies scheduled. The Umbrella coverage insures against losses from Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Personal Injury and Advertising Injury losses when no underlying insurance applies.

Separate Aggregate Limits: Our programs can offer separate aggregate limits for Excess, Umbrella, Advertising Injury and Personal Injury as well as Products/Completed Operations.


Commercial Umbrella Application

Community Associations Application (Condos, Coops, HOAs)

Umbrella Multiple Location Schedule

Student Housing Supplement (requires Umbrella Application)

Day Care Supplement (requires Umbrella Application)


New submissions can be sent to newbusiness@newempiregroup.com

Submissions should include:
• New Empire Group Umbrella Application
• 3-5 year loss history
• Any required Supplemental Application


Commercial Umbrella Overview       |      Multiple Location Schedule



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New Empire Group offers umbrella coverage to members of the Metropolitan Commercial Real Estate Association (MCREA), the American Association of Real Estate Owners (AAREO) and the Hospitality Risk Purchasing Group of America (HOSP). These Risk Purchasing Groups provide cost-effective umbrella coverage for the real estate and hospitality industry.
What Are Risk Purchasing Groups?

Complete copies of all policies are available to insured’s and their brokers for review and should be referred to for complete coverage information. Nothing contained here changes or amends any of the above mentioned policies.