New Empire Group’s Property Managers E&O Program is a unique approach to the professional liability for property managers through exclusive endorsements with one of the industry’s top carriers.

Your property manager clients can at times be juggling more than they can handle. More so than often they are required to wear the hat of multiple titles and the last thing they need is to worry about a mistake being made that can hurt them financially. With our E&O program you can give your property manager clients an added peace of mind.


• Professional services includes coverage for both Property Management and Real Estate Agent/Broker.
• Claims alleging Fair Housing Discrimination Act violations: Loss and claim expenses covered subject to sub-limit.
• Claims alleging discrimination on any basis: Loss and claim expenses covered subject to sub-limit.
• Failure to Place and Maintain insurance coverage available.
• Full Prior Acts, subject to underwriter approval.
• Personal Injury coverage includes coverage for Invasion of Privacy and Wrongful Eviction.
• Technology Professional Coverage includes coverage for Unauthorized Access to Computer Services.
•The definition of loss includes punitive and exemplary damages where permitted by law, most favorable jurisdiction language.
• Conduct exclusions are subject to final adjudication requirement.
• Exclusion for BI and PD does not apply to Consequential BI/PD, subject to underwriter approval.
• Civil Administrative and Civil Regulatory proceedings are included in the definition of claims.
• Disciplinary Proceedings defense coverage available.
• No Breach of Privacy exclusion.
• Allocation – 100% defense costs for claims alleging both covered and uncovered matters.
• Reporting – 60 day automatic extended reporting period.
• This program is admitted in 48 states.


$250,000 to $5,000,000


Property Managers E&O Application


New submissions can be sent to

Submissions should include:
• Property Managers E&O Application
• Loss History (General Liability and E&O)
• Details on any Claims


Property Managers Program Overview


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Coverage is offered to members of The American Association of Real Estate Owners RPG, Inc.
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