Employee Spotlight – Rachela Martin!


Official Title: CondoPak Underwriter

Mini Bio:

Rachela brings over 15 years of administration and office operations experience to New Empire Group along with her high energy and enthusiasm. Rachela’s experience is invaluable. Rachela began her career with New Empire Group in 2009 as an underwriting associate. She has since gained over 7 years of insurance experience, gone to school and gotten her New York State Broker License and is currently studying for her ACSR designation.  Rachela is a devoted mother and wife and loves spending time with her family. Her hobbies also include arts & crafts and anything creative she can get herself into.

What have you gained from working at New Empire Group?
I have gained so much from working at New Empire Group! This company has given me a career that I love in an environment that promotes growth, learning and teamwork.

What is your proudest moment at New Empire Group?
I think two of my proudest moments were being awarded the ‘Achievement Award’ in 2012 and the ‘MVP of the Year’ Award in 2013.

How do you balance your career at New Empire Group and Family?
Mostly I balance by having my mind on my family when I am with them and my mind on work when I am at the office.  I try to give 100% of myself to each so I try to give each 100% of my attention to what I am doing at that time.

If you could interview one person (dead or alive) who would it be?
I think I would interview Stephen King.  I’ve been an avid fan for so many years so I think it would be interesting to try to get into his mind.