Coat Drive

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One coat can help make a difference in a person’s life.

New Empire Group held its annual Coat Drive with all donations going to the Long Beach Lions Club.  New Empire Group and our Community Service team helped collect coats of all sizes for men, women, and children.  Over the last three months we were able to collect a substantial amount of coats to donate.  Thank you to everyone in the Long Beach community who showed their support and dropped off coats.

Thank you for your support!

Recent Events

Hurricane Season is Rapidly Approaching…

The 2019 Hurricane season begins on June 1st! Now is a great time to remind your client’s to review their coverage since hurricane’s are so closely associated with insurance. The hurricane season runs through November 30th, however, most of the storms hit during peak hurricane season which is between August and October. Although each hurricane season is unique, you should prepare the same way every year because these predicted powerful tropical storms wreak havoc on communities when they make landfall. It is beneficial that severe weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms can normally be tracked days ahead of any impact which provides ample time to prepare for a potential evacuation. In spite of such warnings and tracking, each year thousands are left unprepared for these devastating storms and have to deal with their aftermath.

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