Happy PeopleDo you consider yourself a ‘Happy’ person?  If not, it’s not the end of the world.  Do you ever wonder how those seemingly exceptionally happy people got that way though?  Here are a few things that ‘Happy’ people do every day to keep themselves smiling.

  • Happy People take responsibility for their actions. When you take responsibility for your own actions, you will be able to correct mistakes you may have made and prevent them from happening again, thus causing less stress for yourself.  If you are always blaming other people for things that go wrong, you will constantly be aggravated.
  • Happy People let go of grudges.  When you let go of a grudge you are holding you let go of resentment and anger which will ultimately help you lead a happier life.  Just forgive and forget.
  • Happy People are thankful for what they have. When you think everything in your life is going wrong, take a minute to think about the things that you have that really bring you joy and that you are grateful for.  These could be simple things like a roof over your head, the job that you have and having a really great suppport system in your friends and family.
  • Happy People get Exercise.  No matter how much you want to deny this, exercising will make you feel better.  Exercising releases endorphins and reduces stress.  And happy people know that any amount helps.
  • Happy People don’t say YES when they really mean NO. Keep in mind, saying no does not have to be confrontational, most people will understand if you say no to things.  If you say no, you will feel bad for a few moments.  If you say yes to something you really don’t want to do, you will be anxious about it and possibly even resentful of it.  Remember, honesty is always the best policy.

Although your own happiness depends on YOU and YOUR actions, it can’t hurt to observe how others create a happy lifestyle.

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