Hurricane Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

Although Hurricane Season is winding down it doesn’t mean we can totally escape the chance of a major storm. Hurricane Joaquin is currently spinning near the northeast Bahamas and expected to strengthen according to Strong winds and torrential downpours from Hurricanes cause millions of dollars worth of damage each year. While it is impossible to control the weather and the chance of a natural disaster, you and your clients must prepare for this potentially serious storm.

Here are a few tips to help prepare for this impending storm…

  • Secure plywood to all exposed and vulnerable windows and doors
  • Fill and place sandbags if necessary
  • Make sure to reserve a generator and gas supply for a potential power outage
  • Have a cleanup plan in place
  • Prepare basements and lower levels of the building for possible flooding (try to elevate possessions, electronics and furniture if possible)
  • Install or position storm shutters
  • Review your emergency evacuation process before the storm hits

Also, don’t forget to pre-pack an ‘Emergency Evacuation Bag’ which should include the following:

  • Flashlights & batteries
  • Water
  • Medications
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Clothing
  • Any personal items such as ID Cards, insurance cards, birth certificates, etc.
  • Cash
  • Sanitary and personal hygiene items such as tooth brushes, toilette paper, etc.

Even though the forecast path still remains uncertain at this time, warnings should not be brushed off.   It is imperative to prepare as much as possible ahead of time.

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